About Shoewares - Unique Gifts for Shoe Lovers

Shoewares.com was dreamed up in July 2012 after reading Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Already having a brick and mortar boutique women's shoe store, 12th Street Shoes (www.12thstreetshoes.com), owner, Jody Finnegan decided to expand on her love of shoes and create a site devoted to anything and every thing shoes, except of course actual shoes. The tagline, "For those who love shoes, even when they aren't wearing any", was created on a ferry ride from Saturna Island to Vancouver, BC. Jody and her husband, Brian, secured the domain name on that fateful ferry ride. 

It took about 5 months to create the website, receive inventory and launch a manufacturing company (in Jody's home office). The plan is to continue to add new and exciting products with shoe images on them. If you ever come across something that you love, please shoot us an e-mail (jody@shoewares.com). The more shoe items the better!

This whole business venture has been a true labor of love. Many countless hours have gone into finding fun shoe products for purchase and many hours designing our own private label goods. So excited to have launched this site to the world. We hope you love shoes as much as we do! 


Below are photos of our brick and mortar women's shoe store, 12th Street Shoes in Bellingham, WA